Breast Reduction - Plastic Surgery

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Breast Reduction

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Breasts that are too large for a woman’s body can create body image issues and physical discomforts that cause women to turn to breast reduction surgery for help. This can be a very effective solution for women who suffer from back, neck or shoulder pain, difficulty exercising, skin irritation, decreased clothing choices, or breathing issues. drName can eliminate extra skin or fat in the breasts to create a more proportionate appearance and provide relief from the physical and self-esteem problems that often accompany overly large breasts.

The goal of breast reduction surgery is to make the breasts smaller and lighter. Sometimes liposuction is an option for decreasing breast size, but surgery is a more ideal choice for some patients. During surgery, glandular tissue, fat and breast skin are removed to make breasts smaller, firmer and lighter. The nipples are elevated to a more appealing position and the areolas are often reduced in size.. drName has the skills and experience to successfully minimize scarring from the incisions made around the nipple-areolar complex and extending vertically under the nipple and into the breast fold below. Usually performed in a day-procedure at an outpatient facility using general anesthesia, most patients return home on the same day as treatment.

Surgical incisions are covered with a light dressing and a surgical bra should be worn to hold the breasts in place during healing. Pain medication will be prescribed to help control initial discomfort, which will dissipate daily. Scars may be red and lumpy at first, but will fade in 6-18 months, although smokers are more likely to have wider scars and poor healing. A bra or bathing suit typically hides remaining scars. Swelling and bruising are normal, and should subside in the first few weeks after surgery. The final shape and position of your breasts will be apparent after six months to a year, and can be impacted by weight changes, pregnancy or hormonal changes. Breastfeeding is often still possible, although sometimes can be limited due to the impacts on the milk ducts leading to the nipples.

Some patients may request further breast enhancement by pursuing liposuction treatment following breast reduction surgery. It may be performed to the axillary area of the breasts to further reduce excess fat. Insurance commonly covers this procedure.

If you undergo breast reduction surgery, you’ll learn that it is a safe procedure. Keep in mind that loss of feeling in the breasts or nipples can occur in some patients, and rarely the areola and nipple may lose blood supply and result in dying tissue. Skin grafts may be used to successfully rebuild the area. Also, as with any surgical procedure, complications are possible such as bleeding, infection, or anesthesia reaction. Small sores in the nipple area can develop, which may be treated with antibiotic cream. Following the doctor’s instructions throughout the process is the best way to avoid complications.

drName will thoroughly explain the entire breast reduction process. The initial consultation involves discussing all of your options and learning more about surgery and recovery. Each of your questions will be answered to give you the best information to help you decide whether to pursue safe, effective breast reduction surgery with drName. The changes to your body from breast reduction surgery can cause relief to many nagging issues that you’ve lived with all your adult life, and produce dramatic results in your appearance and quality of life.